Walking Baby Theory

Last friday a friend and I were discussing procrastination, over why it’s so easy for people to give up sometimes. Why it is so hard to keep up on dreams we compromise ourselves with. She came with this theory that I want to share with you.

There is this baby boy in the beginning of life, starting his first attempts to walk. He doesn’t know how to do it, there are no first walking manuals, but, he’ll keep trying. He craws, very cute and funny. At each fall, everybody panic, with every rise, people go nuts. Despite this intermittent environment, the baby struggles to stand up no matter what. This scenario could distract many grown-ups, modifying their decisions and actions. On the other hand, our little brave one doesn’t seem to care about it and keeps on it. He won’t give up ‘till he finally walks. The environment doesn’t affect him.

The first idea that crosses my mind is the baby’s persistence. How does he get that? Well, he doesn’t. It’s inside of him, created from the way he sees things ahead while doing what he does.

The baby didn’t perceive, by that time, the idea of shameless or fear. In other words, he ignores other people’s judgement or behavior. His actions aren’t modified during the process.

How many times we got stuck on something we desired so much due to other people’s opinion? How many times we changed our mind because somebody said we weren’t good enough?

So, I conclude that we must incorporate such attitude to accomplish things. Poisonous environment cut us off from our goals. Distract us from what is important in life and bring into question our beliefs. I’m not saying that our loved-ones’ opinions aren’t important because they are. What I am saying is that if you know the path you want to tread, then, you’re all set. When we don’t get intimidated by toxic environment or worthless opinion, we succeed.