Wendi Dodson Houston- Self Utilized Business Woman

Business is the enterprise of making one’s living or accomplishing money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services). Simply put, it is any activity or enterprise infiltrate into for profit. It does not mean it is a company, a society, assistance, or have any such formal organization, but it can range from a street peddler to General Motors.

Wendi Dodson Houston currently lives in Houston, Texas Area, USA. She has two daughters studying at Texas universities and is married to an entrepreneurial Husband. She was an accomplished self-utilized businesswoman, as well as previously having held executive location within fortune 500 oil and gas.

She is 45-year-old USA BusinessWoman, building work in unique profiles. And at present time Wendi Dodson Houston is an Executive Vice President / Partner at Bionic Emergency Services, LLC Company from March 2010 to till Present. This company is one of Houston’s greatest individually owned and operated emergency water and fire damage insurance plan restoration companies. Her legal experience includes professional work in contract management, corporate legal department support, plaintiff and defense side medical malpractice, personal injury and family law litigation.

Bionic Emergency Services offer many varieties of provider- Commercial, Residential and Sewage repair. Bionic Emergency Services having the enjoy and know-how to take speedy, on the spot and particular movement to get the drying process underway, while stopping in addition to harm. We will work swiftly to make sure the least quantity of downtime, Production interruption, employee displacement, and get your commercial enterprise lower back underway and profitable.

The process of Bionic Emergency Services:-

1 Our Water Extraction Process:- Water extraction is an essential first step in the overall restoration process, as standing water is not only an inconvenience in and of itself but it is also a danger to both your family or coworkers and your belongings. When you seek expert assistance with water removal in Houston or nearby areas, the term from Bionic Emergency services is here for you. Though the use of our sophisticated vacuums and submersible equipment, Our team is able to remove the bulk of the water from your residential or commercial space.

2 Our Water Drying Process:- Drying is a highly valuable second step in the overall restoration process, as moisture and humidity remain in hidden crevices throughout your property even once the standing water has been removed. Failing to fully dry your space allows mold and mildew to develop, creating numerous hazards for the property and its occupants. when seeking a professional to perform a thorough drying f your Houston area home or business, the team of experts from our company is only one call away. We utilize a powerful system of dehumidifiers to encourage the circulation of air, effectively drying the space and the affected items that can yet be salvaged.

3 Our Water Damage Repair Process:- Flood Repair is an important third step in the property restoration process, as there are numerous items that do not sustain permanent damage in a flood. Despite the fact that all may see lost, a qualified repair specialist with the right knowledge and skill set can inspect the space to determine what can yet be repaired. As the leading expert in water damage repair across the Houston area, our team is committed to performing a thorough inspection in order to instigate the cleanup and repair process with maximum efficiency.

4 Our Water Damage Restoration Process:- Restoration is the final step in the water damage removal restoration, as a flood can cause permanent damage to many areas on your property. Foregoing the restoration process can compromise the structure’s integrity, leading to thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs at any future time.