What The Hell Are We Going To Do About The Boomers?
Bernie Bleske

Well, I did not vote for Republicans. I did vote for Clinton though, (too bad he had such lust addiction but that is endemic to the human race). I marched for Civil Rights, against the Vietnam War and have spent a good deal of my life supporting the least of these in our society. I live very modestly, give to charities, go to church and love my “grands”. I do have quite a few health problems — RA and asthma that I inherited from my parents. 99% of my friends are like me, older, busy and giving. Wealth has always been a corrupting influence on every generation.

I would like respect from the younger generation and from my children. I do not know if I will die with dignity as I can not see the future. I vote with a social justice agenda and describe myself as a “yellow dog” democrat (ask a older person what that means and chuckle).

Fear and greed feed each other. The person with the most toys still dies and can’t take their toys with them. The problem isn’t so much age and the solution is becoming a loving, giving community-minded person from every age, race and persuasion. That takes hard work and a lot of soul-searching for any generation. “Me first” is a sad life philosophy and starts as an infant. Some folks never progress past that phase. We all need to grow up and smell the coffee!