The Unexpectedly Great Side-Effects of Getting my ADHD and Anxiety Handled
Hanna Brooks Olsen

I have general anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. This, though, connected with me so much: I would sometimes become so physically uncomfortable and so frustrated that I would eventually get angry

OH MY GOSH this is EXACTLY how it feels. My particular type of OCD feels that way. If I’m able to do the thing the relief is so intense, so spectacular. But if I can’t do the thing it becomes an itch, a bug that keeps buzzing around my ear, and before I know it I’m effing angry which comes off as totally irrational to the people around me (and I guess that it is).

I took a test for ADHD but “failed” because I didn’t have enough issues with authority figures and wasn’t making poor choices. I didn’t do a lot of things like drink heavily, stumble home a lot later than I should have because of a few of my phobias.

However, this information is very interesting. I’m not saying I want an ADHD diagnosis or that I even have it but it is interesting. Thank you for writing about your experiences.

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