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Category and Application of Car Data

Feb 12 · 3 min read

Last article we did a generalized overview of the current car data market. Today we take an in-depth look into each set of car data, its category, and application in the industry.

With the advancement of modern technology and different sensors, more and more car data that’s uncollectable in the past has been collected and stored to better serve the needs of the company, people and transportation overall. When we look into the car data market, most of the data falls within those three categories, people data, vehicle data, and environment data.

The sheer volume of them is overwhelming, not to mention the complexity after you combine different sets of them for building applications which are virtually everywhere in our lives now. Whether you are at a car wash, considering switching your insurance, trying to find a parking spot, some form of car data has played an essential role in it.

Car data has become a genuinely disruptive power with an endless possibility of data-enabled applications. Companies, be there giant conglomerates or innovative startups, have been trying hard to apply different sets of data to solve specific problems, some of them are practical and available right now, some of them are future-looking and potentially could be a game-changing innovation. By looking into those companies and their approaches as well as building a meaningful relationship with them, it helped us to form a clear path for our future technology and product development, and essential resources to make CarBlock the infrastructure for future transportation.

We will get to each sector in details in our next article, and demonstrate our progress in that regard.

Stay tuned.

About CarBlock

CarBlock is the world’s first blockchain-based transportation solution built on data generated by smart devices. This circulation of car data on the blockchain is set to disrupt the entire connected car industry. You can find out more information about CarBlock, its partners, and current happenings at:

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