Framing my own travel extremities

We all have a tipping point. My best friend had been given weeks to live. I was amidst a divorce. I had metastatic cancer. That seemed as good a launching pad as any other.

Culturally/ethnically Jewish (I love food and shopping) combined with religious non-compliance, I have always had an…

My rolling reading list is my life’s joy

Books and reading are the defining throbbing undercurrent of my life. It is what connects my way of being so succinctly from duty and what is required of me.

Whilst I could riff endlessly on what reading means to me and how many friendships have been forged by viewing bookshelves…

Is it a British thing?

We are all quirky. Different forms of quirky. Be it by country, ethnicity, lifestyle choices, habit, politesse and more. What could be simple seems to have evolved into a lexicon of disparity in the English speaking world.

The traditional British class system invokes a patina…

Who cares?

We all have to make decisions in life. Most of us, discuss these with a chosen group of friends or family whose opinion we value when weighing up the choices. We may or may not heed what they advocate.

If asked my opinion I give it, in a considered way…

and now I think I’m invincible

I have had more than a regular dose of close shaves with death. So many in fact, that I can laugh about it and ponder that I am either invincible or some version of the Second Coming, albeit the female Jewish version.

Alternatively, I could be on the bottom rungs…

A place for everything and everything in its place

A few years back we, as a cousin cluster, went to my recently deceased aunt’s house. She had no children of her own and so, collaboratively, we formed a next of kin.

We knew what she was like. We were girded for clutter, we knew there would be a disorder…


Almost died 4 times…Moral of the tale: read and write as much as possible. Being invincible in Oxford UK

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