How Much Should Jeans Cost?
Megan Reynolds

Refinery29 did a pretty good quick guide to denim pricing that I thought was interesting:

I went on an intense quest for the perfect black jeans about a year ago — my requirements were:
- made in the USA
- at least a 9" rise
- 29" inseam or less (I’m 5'2 and I didn’t want to spend extra hemming them)
- mostly cotton, ideally a cotton/polyester/spandex blend
-black as the night
- more substantial than “jegging” material, but still comfortable enough to move around in

I scoured every department store website and ordered 7 pairs to try, and in the end, the Current/Elliott High Waist Stiletto fit all those requirements — it’s $185, but they usually have sales on holiday weekends. I wear them almost every day and they fit me like a damn glove.

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