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Food to the Frontline by Rethink Food NYC

The ingenuity of NY foodies has pivoted from cooking beef to serving relief! In this time of desperation due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, chefs, restaurants and food organizations have repurposed to provide relief. Even if you can’t cook or serve, you can still help them feed the hungry and save our beloved restaurant industry at the same time!

The James Beard Foundation, the anchor of the NY food scene and the decider of the “Academy Awards of Food”, has recently established the JBF Relief Fund for the food and beverage industry. Funded by corporate and individual donations, it is providing critical financial assistance to independent restaurants who, because of the Corona Virus pandemic, need immediate financial assistance to cover fixed costs and avoid permanent closure. The first round of $15,000 grants have been made to 36 restaurants who applied within 24 hours of the fund’s establishment. …

Ghost Restaurants - Boo-ming!

The next place you order out from might not actually be a place, and the next kitchen that cooks your food might not actually own a kitchen. Welcome to the next-gen restaurant, where actually having a restaurant is not on the menu.

Also called virtual restaurants and on-line only restaurants, these delivery centric operations exist exclusively on the Internet, with no dining room or storefront in the picture. The cooking is done in “Dark Kitchens” also called “Gig Kitchens” which are set up to empower Ghost Restaurant chefs and food entrepreneurs to service the growing trend of app based meal delivery. …

Pharm to Table - Curing Appetites!

“Let food be thy medicine” is the restaurant’s mantra and they go hard on the theme. From the apothecary vibe, to the pharmacist-esque lab coats worn by the Chefs; it’s all about the conviction they hold for the whole food undertaking. …

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