Pharm to Table - Curing Appetites!

“Let food be thy medicine” is the restaurant’s mantra and they go hard on the theme. From the apothecary vibe, to the pharmacist-esque lab coats worn by the Chefs; it’s all about the conviction they hold for the whole food undertaking. Le Botaniste is a cozy and non-preachy counter service food concept that cares about your health and our planet. Now with 2 locations in Manhattan, the servers prescribe plant based, organic food and biodynamic wine to cure your appetite and whatever else ails you. All the food is on view in French country pots and platters, and by the way, it’s organic and vegan, but that is not the point. The point? To enjoy in good health in a comfortable, positive environment with trustworthy and curative meals.

They are not the only ones who went back to the pharm. Renowned Chef Michael Kenney has gradually moved away from gourmet and towards gourm-hay (yes, I’m doing that). He’s working 2 thematic plant-based and vegan concepts; the Mexican inspired Bar Verde, and 00+Co (pronounced Double Zero and Co.), a plant-y pizza joint, with 00 indicating the pizza makers preferred grade of finely milled flour. Chef Kenney’s pedigree does much to validate the genre.

First on the pharm was of course ABCV, a plant based cutting from ABC Kitchen, located within the eclectic ABC Carpet and Home department store near Union Square. In addition to all things from dirt, the beverage menu includes “Vibrations”, a list of restorative tonics with names such as Mindful, Center, and Connect. Although they contain ingredients such as Rhodiola, Brahmi, Horsetail and Ahswagandha, the menu section carries an asterisk advising that the list has not been evaluated by the FDA and the products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease. Cheers indeed!

If the fact that Millenials have embraced potted plant ownership over pets, houses or kids is any indication, plant-based food has a solid place in their culinary lineup. Watch it grow!

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Le Botaniste - with 2 locations in NYC — is part of a new breed of Pharm-to-Table cuisine restaurants

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“212 to You” reports on restaurant and culinary trends in NYC. Wendy is Food & Beverage Marketer, Consultant, and Restaurateur, who is always cookin’ up ideas!

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