Galapo Pro keyboard
Galapo Pro keyboard
Galapo Pro — System76


The good:

  • A powerful Linux laptop with reasonable price that just works
  • Pretty lightweight (2.87 lbs)
  • It never gets very hot
  • Lots of ports

The bad:

  • Trackpad is “sticky”
  • Short battery life

Fifteen years ago I was in graduate school doing research in population genetics. My favorite procrastination activity was downloading Linux distros from and testing them out using LiveCDs. I was pretty happy with Knoppix back then but there is still lots of fiddling that makes it work. I was searching for the operating system that “just works!” I then purchased a 12" MacBook pro in…

Ponta Sino, Kite Beach

On December 11, 2019 my husband and I took a direct flight from Washington DC Dulles airport to Sal, Cape Verde. Not many people know this country, never mind where it is in the world. Why would you want to go there, you may ask. Well, for me it was because I was looking for a relaxing warm holiday, and saw it being advertised being one, with a direct flight from DC. I quickly looked it up and its beaches look beautiful and there are several nice-looking hotels including a 5 star Hilton there, so here we go!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I enjoy programming and have no problem concentrating to write code in order to solve a problem. However, when it comes to writing reports, papers, or worse, grant proposals, I tend to procrastinate a lot. I can certainly related to this tweet:

Recently I wrote quite a few grant proposals and I want to share three methods that I am using to combat procrastination:

Use a cheap Chromebook

A year and a half ago, I bought a refurbished HP Chromebook x360 Touch 11.6" Laptop with 4GB RAM and16GB storage. My original intention was to use it as a Linux laptop. …

Dubrovnik in the morning, photo by me

Last September, I took a two-week road trip through Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro with my parents. It was amazing. I may cover all the awesome things and scenery in a different post, but in this article, I’d like to give a few practical pointers on how to plan and enjoy a road trip in these countries.

Car rental

We rented a diesel Volkswagen Polo with an automatic shift in Zagreb and returned the car at Dubrovnik airport. It went smoothly. I had to return the vehicle to the airport half an hour before its official open time, and they allowed me to…

A data scientist perspective

Photo by Rishabh Agarwal on Unsplash

I recently passed the AWS Machine Learning Specialty exam and received quite a few questions on how to prepare for it. So I thought I would write a few tips from a data scientist perspective. This is by no means a comprehensive AWS ML exam guide; rather, I focused on the several areas that I feel that I should not lose any points, or I often got them wrong in practice exams.

The exam guide from AWS says you will be tested on four domains: Data Engineering, Exploratory Data Analysis, Modeling, and Machine Learning Implementations and Operations. The Modeling portion…

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

When I learned in 2018 that Dante Labs was promoting their €169 30X whole genome sequencing (WGS) I immediately jumped on it. I have been working with Next Generation Sequencing data since I joined Illumina Inc in 2009 as a bioinformatics scientist. Recently, at the Inova Translational Medicine Institute, I published a few papers (e.g. this, this and this) on de novo mutations. Naturally, it would be interesting to look at my own de novo mutations.

The price for WGS has dropped significantly in the last 10 years but it is still quite expensive for healthy consumers who…

Wendy Wong

Genomic Data Scientist | triple citizen | been to 45 countries and counting | loves R, data, cloud, containers, and reproducibility |

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