Google UX Internship Diary: Week 3

I’m stuck. This week, I was confronted with an “unsolvable” problem. The more I work, the more questions I have, and I don’t have the solutions.

I started my sketches, but I feel like I’m throwing darts in the dark. When in doubt, I…

Google UX Internship Diary: Week 2

My first project is design an Android app*.

The hardest part of UX design is gathering information. Without my host (he’s out of office for the next two weeks), it’s up to me to catch up with the project. …

I started planning for a internship at Google the minute I decided to apply to graduate school. Now that I’m finally here, siting among 381 interns who started this week, taking a selfie in the Noogler hat. It’s hard to describe the mix-feelings. I’m happy that I made it! I’m…

Wendy Wu

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