Google UX Internship Diary: Week 1

I started planning for a internship at Google the minute I decided to apply to graduate school. Now that I’m finally here, siting among 381 interns who started this week, taking a selfie in the Noogler hat. It’s hard to describe the mix-feelings. I’m happy that I made it! I’m proud to be a part of this awesome community. I’m also nerves because I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the next 11 weeks.


My first week here was eye-opening. I’m impressed by Google as a company in so many different ways.

  1. Efficient. Google products for business are extremely powerful. From booking a conference room to checking the Gbus schedule to picking a Material design color. Anything you need for your job, there’s either a Google product or a chrome extension for it! Everything is on the cloud, making cross team/platform/device communication hassle free!
  2. Smart people. People I interact with this week are all experts in their fields and they also have broad knowledge about everything else.
  3. Goal driven and always ask for feedback. At the end of every talk or event, there’s always a short survey asking for feedback. I received emails nearly everyday from other teams looking for critiques on their work. This mindset of “always improving” is extremely valuable!
  4. Independent. No one is gonna hold your hand. If you want spoon feeding, Google is not for you. I really appreciate that my team trusts me to do good work!

Of course, there’s the free food, the gyms, the nap pot, and other awesome perks. Google truly care about employee welfare. You have the freedom of choice! You can choose to sleep till noon and work till midnight, or wake up early and go to spin class at 3pm. Use the resources to take care of yourself, and be happy!

Biggest lesson learned this week: the decision is yours, work smart!

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