Juan Gabriel: Incomparable and Magical

Juan Gabriel was a parallel Spanish universe of love, tragedy, identity, more love, beauty, dance, song, celebration, the most Mexican of Mexicans — but inclusive to those that understood it, “it” was mariachi, huapango, disco, glitter, sequins, flair, it was prayer in song, love in words, it was gender fluidity, sexual nuance and SO SO SO much love of people. He was not our Elvis, or our Prince, or our Liberaci or our Elton John, he was unique and incomparable. Paved his own road, literally from the bottom now he’s here. Raised in an orphanage, border town, dirt poor but oh, so so talented with a drive that swooped in and stole our hearts and as he became one the biggest entertainers in the world. His lyrics are beyond anything that could ever be translated. Magnetic, brilliant, MAGIC. That is who he was and will forever be.

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