Waking up from The Dream™
Mike Monteiro

I came to give you all kinds of compliments on your very great piece, but I was stopped short by the horrible, horrible comments that preceded mine. This is baffling to me. As you say, the revocation of DACA goes against everything — EVERYTHING — America stands for. I actually don’t think you can support repealing DACA and call yourself an American. So yes, we have lost our right to call ourselves Americans if we do this, but more importantly, we lose the right to call ourselves sentient, empathetic human beings. I mean, who does this? Who supports throwing people out who came here through no agency of their own, when this is the only life and country they have known, and the overwhelming majority of them have contributed in a major way to the life of our country? What-the-everloving-fuck? How do you sleep at night, doing that? Where is your soul, your basic empathy for your fellow human being? Honestly, I’m not just being a self-righteous asshole (although maybe that too), but I just do not get it. I mean, if my father kills someone, should I then go to prison? Seriously?

Not that I think that their parents did anything wrong, particularly. As you say, Mike: faced with the intolerable situations in which they found themselves in their homelands, we would all do the same. Very few people actually want to leave their homes, their families, their friends, everything they know to pick lettuce in the hot California sun. They do it because they have no choice. They do not want to see their children die. Would you? Seriously, people, would you?

My grandparents came here as immigrants. Most of YOUR grandparents came here as immigrants, in a manner of speaking. That you would turn your backs on the DACA kids now says so much more about you than it does about them. And people, you should be ashamed.

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