Keep Calm and Speak Esperanto

I know that people are very dismissive of buzz words and the latest and “greatest” ways to reframe current efforts to redefine, reimagine, reinvent, shift, change, evolve….blah, blah, well, you know what I mean. For some of us, these “new ways of thinking and doing” are NOT revolutionary, and we find ourselves arguing over the basic forms of communication. You say brand, I say identity. You say project-based learning, I say problem-based learning. You say backwards design, I say planning with the end in mind. How important is the lexicon? Are we going to be lost at the Tower of Babel for the next number of years, trying to persuade others to adopt our vocabulary? Is vocabulary thinking? Linguists and philosophers would say, “Yes.” If so, we are in for a pretty messy century, and I wonder if we all should just wipe the slate clean and speak Esperanto? What do you think?

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