How do couples plan weddings without apps?

Okay, I know that title will earn me “Millennial of the Year,” but seriously, if I had to rely on a binder or planner this past year, I would’ve lost my mind.

Despite my last post about the Mood Swings of Planning a Wedding, I’m glad to say, my now husband and I survived, and we are excited to start our journey together as one.

If you’re in the planning stages and need some advice to reduce your anxiety level … might I suggest going digital? Below are just a few of the tools I absolutely loved throughout the process.


Six bridesmaids. One man of honor. Four groomsmen. Two best men. And three hostesses. Yeah, there’s no way I was creating a group text on my phone. God forbid someone didn’t have an iPhone and I couldn’t mute the conversation. GroupMe allowed us to put everyone in one “bridal party” group, which made it easier to share information, send reminders and poke fun at each other every now and then.


What better way to get input from a group of people than a survey (blame my PR side). I created mini-surveys on Doodle for just about any topic — particularly, what date and time works best for dress shopping for six bridesmaids … who lived in four different cities.

Google Drive

I heart Google … for real, I absolutely love Google Drive. I used Docs to draft all my content (i.e., save the date, day-of itinerary, etc.). I used Forms to collect addresses that I could then download into an excel. I used Sheets for my budget. And you know what the great thing about all that was? I shared all the files and folders with my hubby, Best Men and Man of Honor. If ever anyone had a question about ANYTHING, they had the answer on their phone.

The Knot App

Besides having an amazing checklist that satisfied my need to cross things off, the app is full of advice, recommendations, and a virtual assistant of sorts. The Knot App made my life easier, and even now, after the wedding, it’s sending me tips, like how to change my last name (a blog for another time).

They say planning a wedding is stressful. While I won’t debate that claim, I do find that going digital made the journey even more enjoyable.

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