I’m disappointed in you …

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, Haiti is experiencing yet another devastating disaster that has left hundreds dead and even more without basic necessities for survival (i.e., water, food and shelter).

And while my heart cries out for those affected, I can’t help but share my disappointment of the bandwagon haters who have decided to join the “I hate the American Red Cross” crew … as if you’ve donated to a single organization in the last six months or know anything about the inner workings of a nonprofit.

Haven’t you heard about the six homes built with $500 million, Wendy?

Yes, I did.

But I also decided to go beyond the post someone shared on my Facebook timeline (we’ll leave that topic for another day) and researched various reports that detail how money was spent to help Haiti.

Some of the numbers that come to mind, which don’t include food and medical expenses, include: 4,000+ homes repaired … 5,400+ homes received rental subsidies … 6,100+ transitional homes provided, and the list goes on.

My purpose in writing this is not to tell you where to donate, but how about we contribute more than just the oversharing of misleading stats and figures that don’t tell the whole story.

We complain too much … and this piece is borderline, I know.

So no matter what your method of aid is, let’s come together, hold each other accountable and get to work.

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