Sexy Chef Wendy

Food and Sex! Two things we cannot live without…in which order I am not sure…just depends on the moment…or why not include the two together My main purpose as Sexy Chef Wendy is to help bring couples back together romantically through cooking. What else entices all of one senses besides sex….FOOD!!! Instead of overanalyzing and nit picking at each other as to why you feel so disconected…I propose you dress up, get sexy, cook together, for each other. Ladies put on some sexy lingerie , stilletto heals and cook him up a dish he cannot resist…as well as you….And Gents maybe surprise her with a romantic candle lit dinner you prepared, with flowers, music, an attentive ear, and some love…

Click below and take yourself to the next level, learn how to cook a sensual four course meal, read some fun sexy stories, and gain access to all of Sexy Chef’s recipes!!!

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