Why I stopped taking my antidepressants
Laurel May

Hi Laurel,

Thank you for sharing your story. I’m SO glad I found this page…I’ve been taking anti-depressants for a few years now and have had various results. Cymbalta was helping but after the death of my father this past December and then losing my job in May I just felt dead inside. I had gained a lot of weight which wasn’t helping either.

My doc asked me if I was having suicidal thoughts and I said yes…I would never do it, but I sure was thinking about not being here any longer. She gave me a couple of sample boxes of Fetzima and said it wasn’t addictive and didn’t have the weight loss side effects. That sounded good to me so I started taking them…it had only been three days but the palpitations and racing heart REALLY freaked me out. I googled Fetzima and was shocked by the stories I was reading. From that moment I went from taking 40mg for those 3 days to 20mg for two days in order to stop taking them but the brain zaps were awful. I didn’t know that they were called brain zaps…that’s where Mitch’s post “In the Shadow of Fetzima” comes in. If I hadn’t of found that I think I would have ended up at the hospital but he gave me hope that they’d end at some point. Today is the first day that I feel normal. No more AD’s for this girl…I want my brain back! Thanks again! All the very best!

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