The night was so cold that 29th day in April.
I had such a horrible dream
I watched your face fade into the night
Almost like you were erased from my earth
I woke up with fear's grip around my heart
I couldn't breathe.

There is a pain that is carved deep within
There is a grieve that is unspoken
But how do i grieve daddy? 
How do i bring myself to understand this loss? how do i accept it? How do i find strength? Where do i find strength?

The mirror on the stand shows a reflection of you in me. 
Blood of my blood, father of my bones, skin i am cut from. 
As the warmth of my tears heat up skin and I am reminded that i am alive.

I hear mother's voice grow louder
I scratch off the tears strayed on my cheek. Strength!!! I summon weakly. 
I seat next to her sometimes, and I watch her mind walk down the abyss of the undead, her eyes sparkle from tears awaiting arrival

A pang of pain shot through my heart 
I immediately recognize your reflection in her glass framed eyes
But you are not alone mother! You are not alone, We feel it too, we see him too
We miss him too.

I am so weak, my knees tremble
And i fall knees to the ground, 
Steaming tears rushed down my eyes uncontrollably. 
But i felt a powerful embrace, gripped me from behind and he said "I am your Lord and I will not forsake you"

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