When your health costs you your job
Nicholas C. Zakas

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have a different condition, but it affects my ability to hold a job in the same way (and my last employer was not as understanding as yours, though the manager really tried). I can work, I just have to do it in my own time and space — perfect for freelancing and something you perhaps could look into should things not work out as planned before your disability runs out. It sounds like you have some really strong talents that would work well in that field. If you ever need someone to explore ideas with, I’d be happy to help. I didn’t realize Lyme disease could affect someone so much until I helped someone else work on her book telling her story about Lyme and how she’s managed to conquer it enough to get back to a mostly normal life. If you’re interested, her name is Rachel Long and her just published book is Living Life in the LymeLight. I’m seriously not trying to be promotional here, just helpful to your situation. I deeply empathize with your frustration.

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