Where Does All the Money Go To?

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Billions of dollars are being delivered to different companies around the world due to a world war problem called internet addiction. As we all have already know, there are people of all age groups who are addicted to playing online games in the world and not just teenagers. Though, there are many reasons as to how these people became so attached to what they play online and those people who are controlling them. The articles “Why Software Is Eating The World” by Marc Andreessen and “Product Portfolio and Mobile Apps Success: Evidence from App Store Market” by Gunwoong Lee addresses sales performance strategies from mobile apps and computer games. In addition, both of these articles reveals the truth of how technology owners not only holds majority of the money, but also has the power to control people’s decisiveness on the frequent use of internet around the world.

Image: Google [This is an example of apps ranked from the most popular to least popular and also the most downloaded ones are what gives the most money to the owner of that app.]

The mobile application market is one of the key source for money makers from smartphone users. It is almost safe to say that everyone who owns a smartphone has downloaded at least five to ten applications on their phone. Lee confirms in his article stating, “According to the Wall Street Journal (2011), Apple has sold 10 billion apps since the market launched in 2008. Such a fast growth of the app market has provided many opportunities not only to sellers (i.e., developers or publishers), but also to consumers. It has broadened customers’ access to a large database of apps. App Store users spent an average of $4.37 on apps every month in 2010”. If we were to calculate that particular amount given times the amount of total App Store users who spends money on apps every month, it is unimaginable and impossible to count how much money the application market has already made over the years. One of the strategies they use on Apple Store users are definitely the free content among various categories, which allows users to utilize the application for their own necessity. The App Store not only display categories such as games, but also varieties such as books, money tracker, planners and anything users might perceive as useful. On the other hand, even when majority of the applications in the App Store are free, some of them still gives you the option of paying a certain price for a better upgrade of the overall application. For example, if the application’s purpose is for editing pictures, it would cost money to pay for the better picture effects. Without users paying money on these single applications, the owners would not make any income and it would significantly affect their next production for a new application. This is the reason why it is so necessary for the creators to make applications that come with a price. All in all, people are paying money to use all these mobile applications, while new applications are being created everyday.

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Entertainment wise, video game makers are known to be one of the biggest and fastest growing industry. Because people see entertainment as such an important aspect in the world, they are willing to constantly pay for whatever kills boredom. Andreessen indicates, “Today’s fastest growing entertainment companies are video game makers — again, software — with the industry growing to $60 billion from $30 billion five years ago. And the fastest growing major video game company is Zynga (maker of games including FarmVille), which delivers its games entirely online”. Like Zynga, they are able control the amount of money people spend on their games. Especially since such major video game company is on Facebook where there are well over 1.86 billion active Facebook users worldwide, numerous children and adults would go online just to pay to play these games. Video game companies are also good at persuading people to use money out of their pocket. Because companies like Zynga understand the perspective of people’s need in order to be addicted to a certain game, this is what makes video game companies become such a fast growing industry.

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The majority of the power and money maker from internet addicts would definitely go towards billing companies like AT&T, as well as smartphone sellers. Without people paying monthly bills for the internet, all mobile applications and computer games would not be possible. So in order for gaming companies to make money, whether it’s on the computer or phone, billing companies holds a much bigger power where people must pay for the internet bills first for anything to even happen. Although games are being created regularly and smartphones gets upgraded every year, it can only be possible to the people who pay for internet bills every month, not to mention the people who pay for high speed internet for a better gaming process. On the other hand, AT&T and entertainment providers are all supporters of internet addicts because they are the only reason why companies like them are obtaining so much revenue. Without internet addicts constantly paying money, entertainment and billing companies would both lose their power and could majorly affect their rhetorical strategies. Since these companies will always be huge supporters of internet addicts even though it may not be a good thing, they may also have the power to prevent internet and gaming addiction from ending. In return, internet billing companies make money on top of gaming companies and controls the power over how much business they are able to make.

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