Let me summarise this for everyone: 1.

I didn’t get any of this from the article, I guess we read different things. I also don’t need a summary as I can come to my own conclusions — but thanks.

What I did get is the author said they don’t want to chop up vegetables & didn’t need people suggesting they buy a juicer and go through all those steps. And then people (like you) proceeded to do exactly that.

The comments in my opinion are a lot more telling about human nature than the article itself. So much anger just because this product works for the person who wrote this piece? Such a weird thing to get angry about with everything else going on in the world.

If a $50 juicer and bulk buying fruits and veggies at the farmers market works for you. Great. If it doesn’t and a person wants to spend their money on an expensive juicing machine — Also great. Life will continue as normal regardless.

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