Time Restricted Feeding: Your Solution to Longevity and Shredding Fat
Adam Arbour

Great piece, thank you. (I’ve read Mercola for years.) Have done the GAPS diet, not for weight, but gut health. I ferment foods, we raise chickens on organic & pasture, I make green juice and vegetable juices. I write in the morning and absolutely must have a cup of coffee (no sweetener, either coconut oil, or raw grass-fed cream). Then I can fast until noon or 1:00 easily. I can stop eating by 7, not much earlier because my husband works until dark, so as it is, I basically sit down and watch him eat and sip water. Coffee at 7 a.m. and ending food at 7 p.m. only gives me 12/12. I guess my question is, the body recognizes coffee as food…but really, does having it wreck the whole feeding window? I have to wonder, because my husband’s feeding window is as late as 9 pm and then he won’t eat until noon or 1:00, and he’s incredibly fit and has great energy — and he drinks black tea at 6–7 a.m., with goat milk. Love to know your thoughts.

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