The next blockbuster movie, or a real small business nightmare

Wendy Warren, Owner Chromatic Coffee with Patricio Pace Founder of RiseTech

One small business owner opened the door, sat down and was completely unnerved. He couldn´t access years of accumulated data, and then things got worse. Hackers had encrypted his data and were asking for a ransom in Bitcoin.

Enter Patrico Pace, who faced this kind of scenario at his previous employer, but recently launched his own company, RiseTech. Patricio can resolve IT emergencies at all hours of the day, and in this case was able to recover much of the data, but he likes to save his customers money by focusing on the strategic. “ It’s a big challenge for small businesses to stay on top of the ever evolving landscape of cyber-threats. I work with growing companies to save them time, money and stress by securing their networks and data by implementing layered security and effective backup strategies. We help them leverage their technology so that it becomes a competitive advantage for them rather than a vulnerability.” If your small business is growing and starting to strain your current network, if you’re concerned about security, or you know you need new equipment or upgrading, Patricio will recommend a cost effective solution.

Here at Chromatic Coffee in Santa Clara, we´d been using the same POS that we inherited when we bought the place. Last year we upgraded, and thought we´d be able to get a lot of the functionality that we wanted, but we still didn´t have Apple Pay. And a lot of what we thought would be great improvements weren´t really there. So we did an analysis of new POS systems, and selected Revel. While the customer facing screen, Apple Pay, and new reporting have all been great, the implementation was challenging. And, we wanted to do the implementation outside of business hours. Patricio worked with us, making sure we worked through all the bugs on the implementation, and getting us up and running.

Since we are soon opening a new cafe, Patricio has already agreed to research and select our internet supplier, spec out and supply the equipment, and install the network at our new site. At the same time, he´ll give us an overall check up on security. With intelligent people developing malware and selling it to thieves on the black market, the possibilities of security attacks keep increasing.

If your network is in need of an upgrade or you have an urgent IT issue — you can contact Patricio Pace at <> or cell 669–236–4082 or check out his web site at

You can learn more about Chromatic Coffee at or find us on facebook at

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