Helping Elizabeth Jones #ForElizabeth

My name is Wendy White. I need your help raising funds for Elizabeth Jones. Elizabeth was evicted from her home of 20 years and everything she owned was tossed to the curb.

While helping Elizabeth struggle to gather her belongings, I watched the Director of City Planning and the City Attorney show up to site her for another Nuisance abatement because all of her belongings were tossed beyond the boundaries of her property.

Yes, I said another… She was sited the day before, shortly after her things were tossed without regard. She will be facing a 300.00 fine. She will have to appear in Court in June because she is now technically out on Bond.

Elizabeth was also threatened with a Trespassing Order as she struggled to grab what she could from heaps of items.

While volunteers helped Elizabeth with sorting through what we could salvage from the mud, two men decided to steal her motorcycle from the backyard. She planned to sell the motorcycle to help get back on her feet.

Many volunteers showed up in the historic rain we had this weekend to help salvage what we could but we were too late. She has lost all of her clothes, family heirlooms along with everything down to her drivers license and credit cards.

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