Vintage Decorating Ideas That You Can Steal From Grandma

You know the saying “What goes around comes around?” While normally this applies to behavior, it can also apply to things such as fashion and decorating. In fact, we see it every day in trains on how well use was made to each, is now back in style. And, believe it or not the things of your grandparents are starting to come back around. In fact, not only are the different decorations of your grandparents acceptable, there actually desired. Vintage these days is all the rage, and as you know there’s absolutely nothing more vintage than your own grandparents. So, in this article we will share with you a few of the different types of vintage decorations that you can steal from your grandma.

Floral Wallpaper

Yes. That’s right. Floral wallpaper is now back in style. Granted, these days it’s a little bit more understated than the used to be with softer designs and colors. But, nonetheless floral wallpaper is back in, and as it seems, here to stay.

These may not come as quite as much of a shock. After all there’s always been a use for doilies. But, you just normally would cover them up by putting a vase over them, or, by using them in some form of arts and crafts. However, these days it’s becoming popular to modernize these unique and vintage pieces by sewing several together to make a cute table runner.

Cast Iron Beds

Cast iron beds have shown a huge increase in popularity over the past several years. They add a wonderful vintage feel to any room, while also giving a touch of elegant. Their simple, yet bring in feelings of the good old days. Thankfully though our modern-day mattresses are still here to stay as opposed to those box spring mattresses that your grandparents probably slept on.

Four Poster Beds

Four Poster beds are also making a comeback, especially, any style mimicking the 40s or earlier. These beds, like cast iron beds, give off not only a vintage feel, but also, a feeling of luxury and elegant. Just make sure that if you choose to use a Four Poster bed, that you keep your bedding simple, and let the bed itself do all the talking.

Pink Bathroom Tiles

This one may come as a surprise to you. Because after all when you were growing up, you probably thought your grandma’s pink bathroom tile reminded you of being in a world made of cotton candy. However, these bathroom tiles are actually making a comeback and there’s even an entire movement based on saving the pink bathroom.

Cedar Chest

Cedar chests are actually pretty timeless. These antiques are wonderful for storing linens, photo albums, and other items at the foot of your bed. And they not only make sense as a storage unit, but they add in a wonderful vintage feel, that will sure to be the envy of your own grandma.


You probably remember that warm and wonderful quilt that you would snuggle under every time you spent the night at grandma’s house. Well, quilts are back, and hopefully here to stay. You can even add a cozier feel to the room by adding texture to the walls with something such as a faux brick wall panel. These panels will provide the room with that extra something special, which can complement the most vintage of quilts.

Textured Walls

There’s nothing more vintage than textured walls. Weather this be brick, wood, or stone, textured walls add in a rustic vibe, that will be sure to take you back a few years. But, before you worry about a ton of expense. You can easily and inexpensively add in this element to any room. For example, faux stone walls look amazing, and are a fraction of the cost of real stone. But, they will give you a look that dates back to good old days.



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