Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Owen I have much respect for your pro labour stance but I believe that much of your premise is wrong, I am pensioner living in a rural area of Wales and I am finding many of my contemporaries as well as younger people are once again becoming engaged in political debate and indeed several have change their allegiance from conservative and lib dem to labour since the election of Jeremy Corbyn. I have never in my lifetime seen such support for any leader from the people, but I have been shocked and horrified by the disloyalty of so many labour MP’s and the amount of biased reporting in the media. What you seem to be asking for are sound bite policies which are more often than not discarded when a party gets into power, but what is being offered by Jeremy is a chance for policies to be decided by the membership, not dictated by the leadership or simply made up to sound good to the electorate and discarded later. He is offering a new kind of politics, one which is badly needed if we are ever to get a fairer society.

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