Routesy App Redesign

the 3 days design challenge

What is this project for?

Everyone commutes. Isn’t it painful? I wish this article was about the invention of teleportation. But it isn’t. It’s about fixing a few small issues on a commute app to make your life easier.

Have you ever:

  • Waited in a cold station for half an hour because of delays or system errors?
  • Missed your last train to home after a party or a night class?
  • Missed your stop because it is the first time you take the train?
  • Took the wrong train and realized that after 30 mins?

I have. That is why I want to redesign the Routesy app that helps keep track of commuter trains in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is Routesy’s current experience?

Overall, it is a functional app which helps me find my transportation in the bay area. But it is missing some key features like set alarm, share the trip details and instructions on how to get to the station. Of course, with some brand re-design it can help improve the delightful experience.

Routesy Current UI

Who are Routesy’s competitors?

I did a quick search to find out what is out there. Since I am mainly using Routesy for BART, the redesign will focus on the BART feature.

Here are the competitors worth mentioning:

Easy Bart.

Easy bart app UI

I almost wanted to use this app instead of Routesy after download. It has a lot more great features. The main issue is the flow users might find harder to use.


  • It has alert which will notify you when there is a delay or which elevator out of service.
  • It offers a map view to visually show what are the BART stations around you.
  • It shows you detailed information on taking BART like: Fares, bikes allowed, travel time.
  • You can share the train information with friends.
  • It also offers the station details including trains and the address.


  • Picking a train experience can be improved.
  • It would be nice to know how to get to the station.
  • Some UI screens are not well designed visually.


Bart App UI

The developers must have very strong UX thinking background because the overall design reflects it. The app is very simple to use. It would be nice to add a little more details.


  • Really good UX design, easy to use
  • Really nice visual design, clean and simple.


  • It can add more details on where the users are or offer other station informations.
  • Alert links to twitter feed but it doesn’t reflect the key messages.

Who are we targeting?

There are three types of users who are going to use the app:


If Routesy is only used for BART, other apps are kicking it’s ass. So my mission is clear, we need to improve on the overall BART experience and here are the key features we should add to it.

If we think about all use cases, it can be summarized in three main buckets:

  1. Search From and To
  • What: BART, MUNI, AC or Caltrain
  • From where
  • To where
  • When

2. Pick the option

  • What are the options you can take
  • Information for individual route you have selected

3. Actions you can do with the Information

  • Share that info
  • Set reminder notification
  • Get directions to the starting station

Redesign Objective:

This product will solve commuter’s most common problems. With this app they will get notified when there are delays, share their trips and set reminders to make sure they don’t miss their transportation. We will know if this works when we see an increasing download rate and key trips data when people use the app.

Try The Prototype Now

Bring the idea to life

My design process varies based on the project timeline. Since it is a three days challenge for me, I completed the wireframe on the drawing board. (drawing-wires).

When it comes to visual design for an app. I think it is really about creating visual hierarchy to properly guide users what to do next and use interaction to give feedback to them. Of course, branding is part of it. Routesy app doesn’t really have a clear branding, so with the time being, I did a quick logo which can help the overall look and feel to be more playful and friendly.

Try The Prototype Now

Main In App Screen Visual Design

End notes

In order to achieve a delightful experience, user testing is a must. During this challenge, I have been constantly chatting with my friends who also take bart regularly and some of them are Routesy users. Some of the features are inspired by them. I am sure this challenge is not going to just end here, there are still a lot to improve, I really had a great time working on this and hope you enjoy the read as well.

Ciao for now…

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