When I listen to voters, the concern I hear the most — even during hurricane season in a pandemic — is that they want to make sure we invest in our children’s schools. We all want our children — our neighbor’s children, our grandchildren, our siblings — to have the best possible education. That’s how we build a foundation to remain the most free and most innovative country in the world.

Yet education is too often an after-thought for our politicians. There’s no money in it, or when there is, it isn’t on the side of our children.

It’s time to send a teacher to the United States Senate. As your next Senator, I will fight to make our children’s schools the centerpiece of our efforts to invest in American greatness. I’ll do that by completely re-imagining the federal government’s role in education. …

Every Day that A Woman Takes Home 82 cents on the Dollar Is a Day to Champion Women’s Rights

Too frequently, men in public office overlook the barriers that require women to jump twice as high and run twice as fast as men. As a man running for public office, it is crucial to listen. As I’ve talked to the important women in my life and community in launching this campaign, I feel that it is imperative that our U.S. …

I have spent my life as a high school teacher working with teenagers. The core challenge of adolescence is that of crafting an identity that sustains you and that is validated by friends, family, and society at-large. A teacher calls you a leader and that belief drives you to make it true. …


Peter Wenstrup

Louisiana schoolteacher, father, Democrat, and candidate for the United States Senate.

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