Apple Pay, Facebook Messenger Pay, Android Pay, Google Wallet…to name a few.

Recently, I did my first Apple Pay at Whole Foods Market. Since Apple launched the product in 2014, it was the first time I have used it.

Surprisingly, it was very easy to use. I opened my “wallet” on iPhone and put it close to the POS, then swiped my finger print. That was it!

So… why are there very few people using it?

Apple is going to allow their users to transfer money via Siri

I also tried to transfer money to my friend via Siri using Square Cash app.

Actually, the problem is not specific to Apple Pay - almost all mobile payment apps in the US have low popularity…

Benefits of design system and how to build it

Bypass design system concept

In my last article How to get a head start on design system”, I talked about how to start building a simple style guide when you lack resources. Today I’ll share more knowledge about the process of building a design system for complex products (such as SaaS web applications). And I’ll share some helpful resources in the end as well.

Why did we start

Back in early 2014, when I just joined Bypass, because our products were very complicated, there were tons of inconsistency across the board. There were different buttons, different inputs, different layouts of the same element, and different interactions for the…

A Guide For Design System Beginners

Recently I got some questions from my friends who were just starting to work on style guides (or design system), and most of them were like:

“Where should I start?”

“What should I do if I don’t have resources?”

“What if I’m the only designer in a small startup or we have a small design team and there’s no other designer or developer who can help me with it?”

As a designer who used to be in a small design team (now we are growing fast and I get my front-end buddy and fabulous product coworkers to work on it…

How will new policies influence ride-hailing mobile apps in China and what the possible strategies are

Government policies always have been a pain in the neck for ride-hailing mobile apps, not only in US, but also in emerging markets. Companies like Uber meet more and more legal problems.

Uber is involved in at least 173 lawsuits.[1] As of mid-2015, protests had been staged in Germany, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom, among other nations, and dangerous incidents involving passengers have been documented. (from Wiki)

Before the new policy was instituted, there was a large legal gap in China: few regulations existed with regard to drivers for ride-hailing apps (anyone could be a driver), while some drivers…

Dashboard concept designed base on following resources from my Dribbble

Design and front-end resources for chart dashboard

Data driven interface and chart dashboard, are similar things that can allow folks to understand numbers easily and quickly. They are powerful tools for building complex data visualization interfaces, especially dashboards where users can get an overview of all the numbers they care about.

The following are examples of web applications that can help users get straightforward understanding about different types of numbers.


Inbox bulk editing

Examples about bulk editing in different use cases

Bulk editing is a powerful tool which is very popular in “complicated product” world. It’s designed to help users finish their tasks quickly and reduce muscle work. In web and mobile applications design, bulk editing is used to support a variety of actions, such as editing, labeling, changing states, moving, or deleting.

So… let’s start from understanding users’ needs about bulk editing.

In Designing from both sides of the screen, author Ellen Isaacs talks about how to analyze user behavior to determine whether a feature needs to be built and how prominent it should be in UI, when there are…

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