How to protect your computer from cyber attack?


One of the most common hacking techniques is phishing. Phishing is a form of cyber crime which try to steal sensitive information. The attacker sends crafted emails to people, pretends to be from someone trustworthy, for example, your bank, Google, or some websites that you have been sign up. Those phishing emails include a link to an “official website”, those website is a fake site operated by the attacker, which may steal your information.

How can you spot a phishing email?

How can we defend against phishing? Easy, just don’t click on the “official website”. But how can we determine an email is phishing or not? The first thing that we need to do is check the URL, there are many tricks behind the URL, and sometime there are some clues to show that the email is phishing us. Here are some ways to detect a phishing email.

  1. Does the site have a proper “https://” leaders to the site?
  2. Is the site links the actually site?
  3. Is the email have no poor spelling, grammar, and legality?
  4. An official email never asks for personal information.

There are more clues than these, but I believe the clues that I listed above can help you to spot about 90% of the phishing email, hope it will helps you.

Here is a case of phishing:


A Trojan or Trojan horse is a type of malware that is often disguised as legitimate software. Similar to phishing, users are tricked to download and execute the Trojan on their system, once the Trojan is activated, it can enable the hacker or attacker to spy on you, steal your information, and your data will be deleted, blocked, or copied. Some Trojan can even disrupt the performance of computer or computer networks.

How can we prevent the Trojan attack?

Similar to phishing, the most easy and common way to prevent attack is never open any suspect email, software, or message, no matter what is the message about, it is always good for you that to delete it without opening it.

If you have to check different unfamiliar email everyday, there is a option for you. A good anti-malware software may help you, it is designed to hunt down and eliminate Trojan horses, and others harmful computer programs.

Here is a case of Trojan attack:

The ways of hacking is more than these, I can’t list them all, but the two that I talked about is the most common way to hack, hope it can helps you prevent from cyber attacks.

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