The WEOS team is proud to bring you the latest version of our whitepaper. We have new additions, including a new dev team member and technical architecture information.

We have been developing the application. Expect to see the WEOS social communication platform out in 2019. We think it will be a good year.

Link to whitepaper PDF:

And, check out our portoflio app:

Thank you!

At WEOS, we aim to provide value. Our new app, WEOS Portfolio, is no different. The app allows EOS token holders to check their TOTAL balance across all their accounts and EOS-based tokens. Anyone can do this by simply adding their accounts. The account names are stored in the browser and not on a central server.

The account data is accessed by the existing EOS block producers, so the first time accessing the data, it might take a minute and a couple refreshes. At some point, WEOS will provide the service through our own node. …

WEOS Product Philosophy

Reality, practicality, efficiency, simplicity, security, and decentralization are embedded in our thought processes when designing product features. Features must reflect reality, not fantasy. There is a real world outside the virtual world of the Internet. People have needs related to work, family, and friends and that is where we will focus our attention on the communication platform. Features will be practical and provide real-life use-cases. We believe there is more value than that which has been realized through existing social media and communication platforms. “Reality” is the overarching concept that drives everything we do.

The product will make efficient use…

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Welcome to WEOS and WeCash

Translations: Chinese, Korean (courtesy EOS Café Korea), Japanese (Couresy of EOS Japan), French (courtesy EOS Nation), Swedish (courtesy EOS Sweden), Italian (courtesy EOS Italia), Swahili (courtesy EOS Nairobi)


Most of you are probably reading this because you are believers in blockchain, decentralization, and EOS — and, you were airdropped WeCash tokens. If not, by reading this, you may understand why WEOS and WeCash are important projects. You may be intrigued by decentralization, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies, and do further research. You might rush to buy some cryptocurrency as a result. …


Relationship-focused social communication platform, built, using the blockchain technology of EOSIO.

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