Fresh for Less


Andrew Nelson
Jan 7, 2017 · 1 min read

Fresh For Less is an initiative by the City of Austin partnering with the Sustainable Food Center, Farmshare Austin, and GAVA to offer fresh, affordable, convenient, and nutritious food. I started working with them through Open Austin, where I met Selene Arrazolo, lead data analyst for We worked with Sarah Stein-Lobovits, Food Access Coordinator with the City of Austin’s Department of Public Health, to outline our goals.


The majority of my involvement so far has been assisting with research: phrasing problem statements and research questions:

The logo featured on this page belongs to Fresh For Less Austin, I have no rights to it.

Originally published at Andrew Nelson.

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Civic technologist & design researcher @IBM, researching how design and innovative technologies could best be used to improve the internet and public sector

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