A Call To Action

What we watch is what we do and so, in turn, becomes how we see everything. Our TV seems to act as a glorified toilet, where we regurgitate what we think we know. No progression, no questioning, just monotony. I would like to say a formal No thank you! No more! Basta!

In 1950, the “family show” ruled the airwaves, served in easy to digest half-hour segments. Nuclear roles were reinforced and life’s troubles were quickly resolved just in time for the rolling credits. This was the Golden age of TV. Its start informed its present; a medium to influence important social issues such as gender, race and class, for better or for worse. I believe that our television set has acted as a mediator showing only what was approved and what others thought we wanted. It boils down to money, what people “watch” is what get’s shown, and everybody gets paid.

Well, I think more highly of you and respect you for the fully formed human that you are trying to be.TV and Film should be a way to have an open ended conversation, a call and response — not a show and tell. If we don’t ask the questions, how can we ever live out the answers? It is time to hand over the mike. Other stories need to be told and different ideas need to be expressed. Like a child learns from watching others, doing as they do, so then must we. That’s why it is of the utmost importance to push boundaries and become candidly honest in what we show in movies and film. This goes for the way we cast. Let’s curate and not plug in stereotypes where we think they should go.

I want to see our societies roles challenged and the type of love we value questioned. No more “ratings” and box office hits! Let our role in shaping minds and making radical shifts in perception be our new motivator. This is not to say every thing we view must be a political statement. On the contrary. I think most of us understand that art stands alone in its making. Art can be instrumental, but this is not its sole purpose. All I am asking for is a little birthing room for ones that serve to challenge our psyches. You feel me? What is my conclusion?

A CALL TO ACTION! Let’s ask some questions, play devil’s advocate and reject the “Girl in Bikini” cattle calls. I wanna see the “security guard” played by somebody else for a change. Then maybe, just maybe, we can start to have some compassion for ourselves and others in return. Monkey see, monkey do. Duh!

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