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For what it’s worth, I made an account with this site just to comment on your post.

Although I have not experienced *much* sexual harassment with the MES, I have experienced just about every other kind of harassment and abuse. When I have the ‘poor taste’ to complain about it, and request reasonable changes, I am ignored, abused further, or basically told that “MES clearly isn’t for you” and “If you don’t like it, leave”. (Direct quotes, from multiple people, officers as well as general members.)

At first, I got mad. I fought for what I believed was right. I drew attention to the problems, and offered solutions. My efforts were met with further abuse.

Eventually, I got tired. I joined MES back in 2001. Things change, and that’s to be expected. But in the last 3 years or so, I’ve watched the club that I loved (and that I’d served for years as an officer on every level from local to global) turn into a festering toxic mess of favoritism and entitlement where only a few people matter and most members are simply there to be used, abused, and discarded.

And the fact that it keeps going on, despite long-time, supportive members leaving in droves tells me that this is what the club *wants* now. Or at least, it’s what the few people who matter wants, anyway.

Finally, I gave up. My membership expires next month. I’ll be glad to go. I should have left last year. I stayed because of exactly 4 other players. 2–3 of those players also expire within the next couple of months. We’re all tired. We’re discouraged that the club we gave so much of ourselves values us so little. We’ve finally accepted that this will not change. And that’s sad.

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