It was 5:58am when Eric Elbogen awoke and fuzzily recalled that he needed to go to a job today. He lay there for two more minutes until the alarm went off, hit the brick-like clock radio hard and propelled himself out of bed. It was a novelty for him to shower so early in the morning, and despite the fact that it had been many many years since he could sleep later than 7am, his first order of business was normally black coffee and lightly-buttered wheat toast, immediately followed (until recently) by several hours of working on making records. As…


By the time Eric Elbogen made it home from his adventurous first day of work, the sun had gone down. This seemed a bit strange considering the time of year it was, but when he thought of all the events that had transpired, the math seemed to add up. Once he had started perusing the giant instructional tome at Werewolf Diskdrive he didn’t want to put it down. The only interruption came when one more customer had come in, this time a very tall, gaunt man who was wearing purple trousers and looking for a very particular calculator-sized motherboard made…


It had all been a whirl, how he ended up getting the job. A nice young woman behind the counter had explained that it was a good thing he had come in that day, because it was her last, and that the Werewolf family were very nice people (yes, that was their actual surname). She’d been working there for two years and would have been heartbroken if they hadn’t found anyone to replace her. Things worked in a bit of an antiquated manner at Werewolf Diskdrive, she explained, and pointed to a dusty behemoth of an instruction manual in the…



Werewolf Diskdrive is an electronics shop that specializes in floppy, zip and hard disk repairs as well as all things related to circuits and their intended destinations. [The] Werewolf Diskdrive (note the lack of italics) is a hard drive that was discovered in the basement of the electronics shop in 2017.


Nothing. Werewolf is the surname of the family that opened (and still owns) the shop.


‘Special’ may be too strong a word, but some find it interesting that…


If you take a good strong look at the entire rock ’n’ roll canon, Eric Elbogen was a tiny wisp of a speck of dust on a forgotten page. Another way to look at it was this: if bands like The Rolling Stones or The Pixies were the tallest mountains on a continent of the world, his own Say Hi To Your Mom was a dirty band-aid buried deep beneath the Earth in a landfill somewhere. It was still contributing mass, but it was of little consequence.

This is unsurprising, given his averageness. And some might say if he’d been…

Werewolf Diskdrive

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