Friday May 14, 2021


Evelyn Sulter-Pryor

We Rise Calls for NY County Chair Keith L. T. Wright To Resign

We Rise To Legalize calls for New York County Democratic Party Chairman Keith L. T. Wright to resign immediately and for the NY County Democratic Party Executive Committee to convene an independent investigation to address claims of misconduct by Mr. Wright in his role as County Chair.

Based on information believed to be true New York County Democratic Party Chairman Keith L. T. Wright has intentionally abused power by using his influence within the NY County Court system to threaten, intimidate and cause injury to a private citizen. We believe said conduct is unacceptable and call for immediate action be taken to address these allegations.

Mr. Keith Wright is a former New York State assemblyman serving the 70th Assembly District and in the past served as New York State Democratic Party co-chair for sitting Governor Andrew Cuomo. He currently is a Democratic Party District Leader where he serves as county chairperson. His various roles, to include his current roles as party chair, gives Mr. Wright large amounts of influence in the NY County Court system since his organization he leads selects judges and legal positions within the county.

Allegations have been made that Mr. Wright has used his position to act improperly. Specifically, allegations are being made Mr. Wright made threats and acted on said threats by contacting sitting judges to improperly influence court outcomes for his personal benefit.

The allegations stem from a 2018 arrest and subsequent prosecution by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. That matter is now under review for several reasons to include 1st Amendment violations, an excessive sentence being rendered and blatant district attorney evidence tampering. There are specific allegations that Mr. Wright, in one or more instances, used his influence to have a judge make an unfavorable ruling to benefit Mr. Wright.

It is believed that Mr. Wright’s actions were coordinated by Mr. Wright and others within his regime to cause harm and impede activism efforts for a Harlem based organization operating within Mr. Wright’s political stronghold. We Rise stands in solidarity with the victim(s) and if the allegations are found to be true then we believe Mr. Wright’s conduct is improper and illegal.

In addition to calling for Mr. Wright to step down and an independent investigation to be conducted, if the allegations are found to be true, We Rise also calls upon the NY County Democratic Party to set reforms assuring future party chairpersons can not engage in similar conduct. There are several qualified district leaders in New York County that understand the importance of diversity and are able to maintain integrity within the party. Mr. Wright’s immediate removal will not stop progress.

The facts suggest this behavior is modus operandi of Mr. Wright and therefore caution Mr. Wright against any retaliatory conduct against his accuser. We also expect Mr. Wright and any alleged participants to cooperate so this matter can be investigated and, if appropriate, corrective measures be taken. We Rise calls on national, state and local elected leaders to stand neutral and allow for due process.

2021 and 2022 are very important election cycles in New York State. The political process must be transparent, fair and free from impropriety. We therefore expect these allegations be taken seriously, to include, party leadership finding a qualified successor while the investigation is conducted and to making necessary reforms if the allegations are found to be true.

In solidarity,

We Rise To Legalize New York