We Rise to Legalize Letter to US Senate Majority Leader, Charles Ellis Schumer.

Honorable Charles Ellis Schumer
US Senate Majority Leader
United States Senate
322 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Tuesday July 20, 2021

US Senate Majority Leader Schumer,

While we agree CAOA is a meaningful step we believe more must be done to make it truly historical and impactful legislation. As a voice for American communities impacted by the War on Drugs we believe remedying the abuse against targeted communities is priority because they suffered the direct injury and their generations are still being impacted today. We therefore formally request a meeting with you to discuss several revisions necessary to strengthen CAOA.

Two of the most important revisions necessary to make CAOA historical and impactful legislation are:

(1) providing explicit language admitting government fault and the US role in criminalizing cannabis; and

(2) offering immediate pathways for reparative reinvestment into impacted communities that incentivize private-public participation.

A. Admission of Government Role

B. Pathways Reparative Measures

Since its inception, America has shown the world that we can achieve the impossible if we rise together. And repairing damaged communities impacted by the War on Drugs is yet another hurdle that we can surmount. First we must acknowledge our errors in judgment then immediately implement creative solutions to repair those harms. Taking these steps will reinforce America’s commitment to protecting all its citizens; especially when an American policy caused the harm. If we rise together we can make CAOA the new standard for social justice reform and community renewal. We welcome the opportunity to offer suggestions and receive your guidance to make CAOA historical and impactful for all Americans.

Again thank you for your leadership and consideration.

We Rise Together!

Fighting for a fair and equitable Marijuana Reform Law. Linktr.ee/WeRisetoLegalize