The Sobering Truth: Why You Can’t Attract Temporary Employees

“Can I sign up online?” asked a potential temporary employee over the phone.

“Do you have any jobs?” asked another person.

It isn’t a coincidence that similar questions are being asked by everyone that you reach out to on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or any other job posting platform.

There are a couple of things that are happening, which are directly affecting your ability to recruit people for your temporary staffing agency.

Lengthy, Repetitive Sign Up Processes

It usually takes a prospective employee an average of 2 hours to register with any given temporary staffing agency. This means that they will only commit their precious time to sign up with agencies that can offer them jobs immediately. However, everyone in this industry understands that there are not always jobs readily available to be filled.

While having enough jobs available is a matter for the business development folks, streamlining the sign-up process is a matter that is pertinent to recruiters.

A lot of the information that is filled out in job applications is universal in the industry. Every agency has the same elements in their job application process; whether it be the basic personal information to the workplace safety assessments. Can you begin to understand why people are beginning to side-step temporary staffing agencies during their job search process, and go directly to employers?

Treating each Employee as an Individual

“Recruiting is like dating”. We’ve all heard that tagline before.

Don’t you think temporary staffing recruiting is a bit impersonal? The industry norm is to drive registration numbers higher, build a list of loyal employees that you can call on when you need them, and scramble to go through your database to find anyone that can work when you’re in desperate need.

What if we start learning more about our employees, in a better way? Simply signing up an employee and adding the information on ATS is not doing it anymore. An employee should have the ability to update their preferences/availability on a frequent basis. Simple things like learning their dynamic availability, how they like to work, and what kind of experiences they possess will go long way. Stronger communication channels between our employees and new candidates is needed to expand our pool of temporary employees.

Life in the age of “Instant Gratification”

With the advent of Uber, Lyft and similar Gig companies such as Postmates, people have more ways than ever to earn a living within a matter of a few clicks. Temporary staffing agencies are no longer just competing amongst themselves, they’re also competing with the Gig Economy.

The reason why Gig companies are winning is that they are creating easy ways for people to make money, and they have streamlined sign-up processes. This is nothing that is different from the old-school Gig economy, which is temporary staffing. However, Gig companies understand the modern consumers.

The problem with most staffing software is that it doesn’t allow contractual staff, or temporary staff to quickly complete their registration online. The process is soloed, and often requires potential employees to spend an hour or two in your branch to complete their registration. The more steps there are to a process, there is more of a risk of drop-off within your recruitment funnel.

How to Attract Temporary Employees

Adapting your game for the modern consumer is incredibly nuanced. There are many more wrong ways to do it than there are right. And if you get it wrong, you’ll get kicked in the teeth.

Helping you figure out how to win at recruiting is beyond the scope of this post. That’s why I’m opening my calendar so that we can have a discussion centered around what your current processes are, and what you would like to achieve. You’ll learn how to create a highly-effective recruitment machine, step by step. You’ll also learn what to avoid, so you don’t get hung up on (or worse, walked out on).

We’ve developed a staffing software that can help your agency “Uberize” your processes and attract more candidates. If you’re curious to learn more, please book a time with a member of our team.

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