5 Nevada Destinations You Must Visit At Least Once

I moved to Nevada about three years ago. Coming from a beautiful state like Montana made Nevada seem as though she were the ugly step sister, but after living here for a few months I began to appreciate the beauty that Nevada has to offer. I grew to love the desert landscapes just as much as the mountainous ones.

Nevada is a state filled with beauty. With both the desert and mountains, you get the best of both worlds. I am going to list my five favorite destinations everyone needs to visit at least once. These places are the perfect photo op for anyone.

1. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is an oasis tucked away and up high surrounded by beautiful mountains. Every summer since moving here, I have always looked forward to loading up my Jeep and escaping the summer heat to come to Tahoe. My favorite thing to do is drive around the lake and stopping to take photos.

This particular photo was taken at Bonsai Rock. I have always seen photos of this rock on Instagram. Every time I went to Tahoe I wanted to come here, but it just never worked out. One day while hiking with friends last summer we stumbled upon it. None of us planned on coming here but we were all surprised we found it.

Everyone should come and take a picture of the infamous Bosnia Rock at least once. The crystal clear waters and the surrounding boulders make it a perfect spot to hangout on a hot summer day.

2. Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is absolutely amazing. The first time I went hiking out here was breath taking. The bright and deep red of the rocks is a work of art. The thing I love most about this beautiful place is how close it is to Las Vegas. It’s only minuets away from my family’s home.

Red Rock is perfect for any one day hiking trip, and if you’re not feeling up to walking around in the scorching Las Vegas summer heat, you can stay in your air conditioned vehicle and follow the road around the canyon.

I have so many pictures from this place it’s not even funny. Trying to find one that does the beauty justice for post was a challenge in and of itself.

3. Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston reminds me a lot of being back in Montana. The beautiful snow covered mountain tops give me a nostalgic feeling of when I was a little boy and we would go sledding on the cold winter days.

Even though I have only been out to Mount Charleston a couple of time it has quickly become one of my favorite spots. I have yet to venture out with my camera without snow on the mountains but I definitely plan to this summer.

My friends tell me about all the awesome trails Mount Charleston has to offer. With it being just outside of Las Vegas, I am definitely going to utilize the escape from the city to take some awesome photos of the meadows and wild horses that roam these mountains.

4. Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is absolutely amazing. The architecture and planning that had to have taken place in order to construct this huge thing is mind blowing. The first time I came here was last summer.

I will always remember this day because it was when two of my best friends came down from Montana to visit me just after college let out for the summer. It was just as any other Vegas summer day, hot. We had to all pile in my dads old work car that had no air conditioner. We initially planned to make it to the Grand Canyon, but that never happened. Once we got to Hoover Dam we were all about to pass out from heat stroke.

We parked and slowly walked to the bridge to look out over at the Dam. The bridge was crowed with tourists and their families trying to take a photo together. It was a little overwhelming but the breeze felt amazing. After we got to look at the bridge I wanted to sit on it to take this picture. So we loaded up back in the heat stroke inducing Cadillac and drown down so I could get this photo of my feet and the Dam. It was scary sitting on the ledge but I had to do it for the Instagram.

5. Las Vegas Strip

You can’t come to Nevada and not visit the Las Vegas Strip. It really should be a rule for everyone. Where else can you go and see different parts of the world all on one street?

The Las Vegas Strip is one of my favorite places. I always love walking around with my camera and snapping photos of the different buildings and sights. The Eiffel Tower, Water Light Show, New York New York, and many others are great photo ops for anyone.

Another thing I love is doing street photography. You will always have to opportunity to get some awesome shots of all the different people walking around, never being disappointed.

Nevada is a great state, filled with adventure. I can not wait to travel around even more and building my portfolio and making memories.

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