5 Reno-Based Photographers You Don’t Want to Miss

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Moving to Reno, Nv three years ago has been one of the best decisions I have made. I love the small town feel, yet you still get the city vibes. My favorite thing about Reno is all of the art. The abundance of talent residing in the biggest little city is truly amazing. Since moving here I have found some amazing photographers. So, here is a list of my top 5 favorite Reno photographers. Enjoy!

1. Luke Taylor (@lukeandrew_taylor)

Luke Taylor’s work is simply amazing. Of the five photographers in my list I have been following him for the longest amount of time. I am always blown away with his content. His landscapes, videos, and drone work are what put him to the top of the list. The fact that he is only 20 years old amazes me. With his abilities where there are now, I can only imagine the things he will accomplish in the future. I have recently been presented with the opportunity to work with Tweaking Reality Studios on short film. Fingers crossed I will learn a thing or two about photography and videography from these creative geniuses.

2. Conner Koch (@geodes_)

Conner Koch, like myself, is a student at the University of Nevada, Reno. The fact I attend the same institution as him is something to be proud of, right? Just look at his Instagram page. I am always excited to see Koch’s new content. The landscape shots he posts are always so beautiful. He is definitely an inspiration to improve my photography skills. One of the things I like best about Koch’s page is his themes. The color schemes always flow seamlessly. Whenever I visit his page I always want to jump in my Jeep and go on an adventure.

3. Taylor Kern (@taylorkernphoto)

I was first introduced to Taylor Kern’s page by one of my friends. Kern’s wedding shoots and portraits are really amazing. One of the things that stands out to me most when looking at her page is how well she captures the emotion and connections in her photos. When I see her wedding shoots I can feel the love the couples feel for each other. I do not take many portraits but I do want to take more. I hope that on day I too can capture the human emotions Kern does in her portraits. If you or your loved ones are looking for an amazing wedding or portrait photographer, I encourage you to check out her website for her latest shoots.

4. Nathan Militante (@nathanmilitante)

Nathan Militante is a very talented portrait photographer. I always enjoy looking at his page to see who his newest models are. I see them from time to time on campus, and think to myself, “Hey, I have seen you before.” Then I remember seeing them on his Instagram page. Since I do not take as many portrait photos, I look on Militante’s page for inspiration. The theme on his page is very well done. The filters, grain, and colors he uses are all consistent. I need to do this on my own page, my theme is all over the place.

5. Joe Fry (@joe.fry23)

Joe Fry is the youngest and newest Reno photographer I have found. I actually came across his page last night while browsing Instagram. His account is definitely underrated, but is up and coming. At only 19, his photography skills far surpass mine did at that age. I’m glad I found him so I can watch his photography improve over time. What I like most about Fry’s page is the mixture of landscapes and portraits he displays. It shows his talents as being a versatile photographer. I like the theme he uses with his photographs. The colors complement well with each other. I am very excited to see more of Fry’s content now that I found his account.

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