What are the most common words used in an Accounting Job Ad, you ask?

Keywords in my Profession

When you go onto certain job websites what are some of the things that you should be searching for? If you are looking for a job in business, I would hope you are not going to be searching for things related to maybe a field in the culinary arts. I myself have looked at entry level positions in the field of accounting. I was looking for an entry level position and I was just looking to get my foot in the door at a company to start my career. I learned that a lot of the terms used in the post are ones that professors have taught us in class or I have learned before college in my high school accounting classes. For accounting if you think of any words that have to do with account, balancing, income, you are most likely going to be able to find something pertaining to accounting very easy

Primary Job Ads

Job 1: Staff Cost Accountant, Poly-Tex, Inc,

As a Cost/Staff Accountant for Poly-Tex you will assist with the month-end close procedure by performing account reconciliations on assigned balance sheet accounts and preparing necessary journal entries. You will also complete gross margin analysis related to the company’s products. Work with bills of material for accuracy and to assist in setting pricing for those products

I researched jobs near my hometown of Faribault Minnesota because I was curious to see what jobs were available if I were to move home

Job 2: Accounting Clerk / Administrative Assistant, Twin City Staffing

As the Accounting Clerk/Administrative person a majority of your day will be doing Accounts Receivable and Payable work. Will prepare and post customer invoices into the accounting system as well as the customer’s EDI provider. Will assist with Sales and Use Tax papers, collection calls and credit verification process.

Other responsibilities include: Assisting with maintaining inventory records and resolving discrepancies. Assisting the Marketing group with obtaining, modifying or creating Sales & Marketing materials. Will be doing database management work with ACT! Software and other duties as assigned.

I also researched jobs near the twin cities because that is where I will be working when I am done with college

Supplementary Job Ads

Job 3: Accountant, Talentnet

Job 4: Accounts Payable Specialist, Navegate Logistics

Job 5: Book Keeper/Accountant, Gotta Go Gotta Throw Inc.


Account, Degree, CPA Certification, Month-End, Year-End, Reconciliations, Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Journal Entries, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Tax, Sales Tax, Income, Inventory, 2 Year Degree, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Insurance, 401K, Full-Time, Staff Accountant, Auditor, Clerk, Assistant, Gross Margin, Net Profit, Net Loss, Selling, Reports, Prepare, Quarter-End

Professional Keywords: CPA Certification, Reconciliations, Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Journal Entries, Sales Tax, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Month-End, Year-End, Quarter-End

Most Essential Keywords

· Account

· Degree

· Month-End

· Year-End

· Quarter-End

· Full-Time

· Salary

· Benefits

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