The best products with the best overall experiences and qualities are those that win.
Centralized vs Decentralized — The Internet of the Past, Present and Future
Ryan Shea

Hi Ryan, a great piece of writing, thx for that and for the links provided, especially to Nick’s blog post on social scalability.

The only statement I’d like to question is that the best products win and/or the best people. This would actually require kind of a “perfect market” with “equal information” and “equal conditions”, right? Isn’t the Internet exactly the proof that not always the best products win but the one with the most financial support.

I recall the “Browser War” between Microsoft and Netscape that was finally won by Microsoft because if its financial power. Netscape was the pioneer with the better product and the better team (Marc Andreessen & Co) but finally lost.

Wouldn’t we have a completely different internet if Netscape had won this war?

Maybe this changes with the blockchains as they facilitate the open source spirit, are socially scalable and provide better opportunities for all people in all regions on this planet.

Thx again for your post, looking forward to read more.

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