What Happened When A Trump Supporter Challenged Me About the Wall
Vicky Alvear Shecter

Dear Vicky, if walls don’t work, you should tell that to all those idiots in medieval times who put wall around their cities. If they don’t work, tell that to the Obamas, the Zuckerbergs, or the Ryans, all of whom put big fat walls around their estates.

To drag up the East German wall is disingenuous at best. Those walls were built to keep people from fleeing their socialist paradise, even though the official version was, in best leftist fashion, to keep those evil West German capitalists out. I suggest you compare the amount of people who managed to leave East Berlin, thousands per day before the wall, and how many after August 13th?.

So do you advocate to abolish prison walls as well? Why do we spend money if they don’t work and all those violent criminals can get out whenever they want?

Not only do you have no knowledge of historical facts, you show a horrifying lack of ability to think logical. You are a poster child for those who say that the biggest mistake in American history was the adoption of the 19th amendment.