Cloud Gate — part 10

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Back at the Apartment

She enters the apartment and does not turn on the light. She walks down the passage, taking off her earrings and necklace and placing them on the foyer table.

She walks into her bedroom, the sun is rising — soft rays under the heavy curtains.

She slips out of her dress letting it fall to the floor. She is naked underneath.

She draws open the curtains, at first only partially with one hand. We see her face from the side as her cheek touches the curtain, the light on her face. Then she opens the curtains all the way with both hands.

She slides open the windows to their full width, first one and then another.

She lies down on her side on the carpet next to the floor-to-ceiling window, stretches out and smiles softly.

We hear a distant sound. It may be the sound of a bell.


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