Cloud Gate — part 8

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Outside, in the Car

We cut to the interior of the car. We observe them on the back seat frantically engaged in sex. He is clothed; she has her dress pulled up to just under her shoulders.

He is holding her one hand down at the wrist while her other hand pulls at his head.

Her left leg kicks up against the back of the front seat as she struggles to get him deeper inside her. Her shoe drops to the floor.

He puts his hand put to her face, his face inches away from hers; flushed red with blood under the skin.

“No.” she says sternly through half clenched teeth, “This.”

She moves his hand to her throat and he starts to squeeze, his knuckles whitening, so as to choke her while he thrusts into her.

She is out of breath but starts to moan, building towards a scream when he abruptly removes his hand from her throat and sharply slaps her face three times, each time pausing to let her gasp.

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