Siberian stories #0

Just a local winter

Hi there!
My name is Alex and I was born in Siberia. It is somewhere right in the middle of Russia with very cold winters and extra short summer.
What I’m going to do is to write few stories, articles or posts about how ordinary people doing their everyday life here. There won’t be superhero stories, big success or great failures, just something happening here day-to-day.

About me

I was born in USSR in 1990, a year after it was disintegrated. Now I’m 25 years old postgraduate in local university. My occupation is software development.
My native language is Russian, my English is rather poor, my spelling is awful. Feel free to point out my mistakes.


I’m experienced Russian :) This year I took a journey through half of country to see what is happening around. It wasn’t too long, but I spent about 100 days traveling and exploring, seeing and feeling the country I’m living in. And I believe right now I have few words to tell about. I will try to skip all politics bullshit happening right now and will pay a lot of attention how people living here.


Omsk. I’ll tell you about this city. It’s not very special and don’t have any difference among other Siberian cities. It is not so big and not too little. It’s not very comfortable and definitely won’t make anybody satisfied. But I’m living here for about 10 years and it is great candidate for explaining way of life.

Omsk is somewhere near red dot

Some notes

I’m not a photographer and all photos here done with phone, iPad, GoPro or something like that. I’m nor writer neither blogger. So, sometimes your eyes will bleed and you won’t understand not any single word.

Stay tuned, first chapter should be within a week :)