Homeless in Hawaii — The Wes Talbert Show

In the second episode of The Wes Talbert Show entitled Homeless in Hawaii, our host Wes Talbert speaks with special guest Joe Kernan about his interesting life as a soldier, teacher, and lawyer. He shares with us the four-year struggle in which he lived homeless in Hawaii, the path that led him there (alcohol and DXM — dextromethorphan), and how he rose above it all to become a successful entrepreneur in the digital age.

A number of Joe’s social media sites and web pages are mentioned throughout the show. For your reference, each can be found below:


Joe’s story is one of triumph. It is an episode you most certainly do not want to miss!

You can listen to the episode on your favorite podcast player by searching for “The Wes Talbert Show” or simply by clicking here to visit the episode’s page on the WesTalbert.com website.