Tech as a Teen

With our world increasingly modernized, the role that each person plays is so much more crucial. In the case of teenagers, it spells a huge shift both physically and mentally for us. We are called, no, demanded, to mature at a faster rate and enter ‘real life’ earlier than ever before.

As a teenager growing up in our tech-infused world of today, I clearly don’t have any experiences in growing up in any era before this, so correct me if I’m wrong about anything. We are the first generation to enter high school and college with the power of the Internet readily accessible, no matter where you are. We are the first generation to grow up with the knowledge of how to use these technologies. We know how to navigate these seemingly futuristic landscapes, with a sense of intuition acquired through many years of experience. Our originally clumsy and inaccurate fingers have adapted to this lifestyle, where your hands and fingers can do more than crack an egg open, or flick through the pages of a book. We don’t need to ask how to scroll down a webpage, or how to send a text on a mobile phone; it’s just something we’ve grown up knowing how to do.

Obviously, these advances in technology greatly enhance our perception of the world, speeding up communications and allowing access to more information than ever before. But at what price? Our generation’s nickname, the ‘Millennials’, already implies a reliance on technology to perform basic tasks, the lack of a work ethic, and a sense of entitlement not found in previous generations of people in the United States. We may not have the backbreaking work ethic, or the strong appreciation for the natural world of generations before, but we have innovation, and it’s coming in swaths.

With tech, anything can become possible. Anyone can be anything. New discoveries and new possibilities in every field fills me with the hope that our advancements can solve the issues that await us in the future. As I go forth with my life, heading to college and beyond, I am reminded of the powerful tool that has been shared with me, and the rest of the world.